Sunday, March 2, 2008


I'm not quite sure what to blog about. I feel so out of practice. I'm eventually going to do a post about our love story because I missed Andrea's Valentine's Day Lovefest. I also plan to write a post on Gideon and Jericho's birth stories because of Bee's request for them but those are all for another day when I have more time to write and reminisce.

Did you know that Joshua is now almost 8 weeks old and is doing great! (I have been keeping an eye on him this month even though I haven't been blogging) I'm so happy for Matt, Susie, & Oceana that they have gotten to enjoy him for so long. He's starting to gain some weight now too (he wasn't for awhile and they were getting worried about him.) This little boy's parents were told that he would not make it full term, and if he did he would most likely not make it through birth, and if he did he would only live for a few moments maybe a few hours at the most and so they were told to terminate the pregnancy. Matt & Susie told the doctors that they would do no such thing. They said that if the Lord took Joshua before, during, or shortly after birth than they would deal with it. But they also said that they were going to give Joshua every chance they could at life and let the Lord decide how long that would be. Here they are almost 8 weeks later still enjoying Joshua. When they continued with the pregnancy (a choice that was not hard for them to make) they never thought they would get this much time with Joshua, but I'm sure they have enjoyed every moment and don't regret the decision to give Joshua life.

Thank you Lord for both the expected and unexpected time you give us with the ones we love, you are so good!

I wasn't planning to write all of that about Joshua. I was just going to give a little update but I just kept thinking about what a miracle his little life is and how he was not supposed to be here but the Lord has plans for Joshua just as he does for all of us.


Ginger said...

Glad to see you back in the blog world! Jericho is growing so the tooth picture. I too, have been praying diligently for Joshua...although I don't know them, I feel very compelled to continue my prayers and have my church family doing the same. There is no telling what God is up to in this little boys life.

Straight Shooter said...

Wow. It is good to be reminded of God's awesome sovereignty isn't it?