Tuesday, May 13, 2008


You know those little nerd candies, I've always like them. I think there was a reason - the Lord knew that I was going to marry one.

Personally I don't think Sam has anything on Seth but it's okay because....


(I'm hoping to get this t-shirt someday)

Big thanks to my hubby for letting me take the picture in the first place and then letting me post it! Oh and I can't forget the eye incident that's the whole reason for the glasses!


*carrie* said...

Fun pix, Tarah. It's nice to meet you!

Sarah Snyder said...

That is hilarious! (Way to go Seth!) My first impression of Sam was that he was a nerd back in college before the "falling in love with him" part happened. :) I guess we are just two normal girls who REALLY love nerds! :)