Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's Real Life - part 1

I'm a little behind in my posting but this looked like fun so I thought I'd join.

First up the fridge. I hate when people look in my fridge. Not sure why probably because I'm a little insecure about my cooking. Not that I'm a bad cook I'm just not confident. In the last year we have totally changed the way we eat which means I have totally changed the way I shop and cook. I love that we are eating so much healthier and I love cooking from scratch (usually) and I love all the new things I'm learning but I don't love the lack of confidence I have at times. I'm defiantly a work in progress, I'm getting there. Oh and this is the fullest I think I fridge has ever been, I'm not sure why, but I love that too! Okay, back to real life.

Next up a closet. This is the only closet, besides the ones in the rooms and one coat closet, in the house and it's in the bathroom. So, it's the catch all for everything. It's a mess right now. I've been meaning to reorganize it for ummmm about 3 months now. Can you tell how high on my priority list is it. Not even the threat of a picture got me to reorganize it. Yep it's a mess I'll give you that but it's an organized mess I really do know exactly where everything is.

On to the kitchen sink. Can you believe that I didn't have to clean or put away any dishes for this picture, I can't. I'm going to blame that on the new dishwasher! See our back yard. I love that we have a window at the sink the awesome view is an added bonus!

Anyone gotta go potty? Here is my toilet. Do you like the mint green don't worry the tub matches the sink and toilet. Who picks mint green for a toilet (and sink and tub) anyway? I wouldn't but I guess I can live with it for now. Besides my back end doesn't care what color toilet it's sitting on. Haha!

Favorite shoes
. I love these shoes. I must warn you I'm about to get sentimental on ya. These were Gideon's first pair of shoes. Gideon's Moni (Seth's mom) has a tradition that she gets every grandchild a pair of shoes before they are born (she's obsessed with shoes, sorry Dallise but you are :) She waits till we (meaning whomever is pregnant) finds out what they are having and then gets the appropriate color. For Gideon she got Jordan's. Aren't they cute! Don't they look so small. He never wore them. These booties would have swallowed him, probably would have come up past his knees. He was so little.

So they wait. They wait for a baby brother. One day Gideon will have a baby brother (hopefully more than one!) and his baby brother's feet will fill these booties as his never did. I can't wait for that day!

This one is sentimental too - my favorite room. It is actually the room in the picture below but to see the whole room go here. The nursery is my favorite room. I always wanted to have a nursery. A room where all my babies slept. My idea was that we'd make it gender natural and when the one in the nursery was big enough or when there was a new one on the way we'd move whomever was occupying the nursery into a different room and put the next baby in the nursery. Well when I was pregnant for Gideon and we found out he was a boy we couldn't help but get this crib bedding. Sports go figure, like every other baby boy, but it was so us. We fell in love with it. The big question now was what do we do when we have a girl? I had this brilliant idea to paint the nursery red and then find girl crib bedding that has red in it (which was much harder to find than you would think.) Now we have boy bedding and girl bedding but they both match the red room! I love it! All my babies will be in the nursery and I won't get bored with having the same decor because it will change depending on the baby. But the best part of the nursery is not the decor it's the little one that occupies it (and 2 little ones that were and all the little ones to come!)

Speaking of little one this is what she was doing (just waking up) when I took the pictures but now, a day later, when I am actually writing this blog she is down for the night. Yeah this was the first time she stood up in her crib, she was so proud of herself. I should have taken a picture of myself because I was crying. I don't know if I want my baby girl to grow up. Okay so I wasn't really crying, but I wanted to. Seriously though who could cry when this adorable little girl is smiling up at you?

Next up the laundry room. It's in the dungeon, I mean basement. See Jericho's rug from her room yeah she totally peed on it and me. I guess that's what you get when you let the babe crawl around nakie.

Last but not least a self portrait. Nothing was turning out except the one where I was being a dork of course. Now you know the true me.

This is real life for me. Tomorrow (hopefully) the 2nd part. Why don't you head on over and join.


Patrice0x0x said...

Cute love the self-portrait, especially! Jericho's room is too adorable- I am a sucker for baby nursery's. Great post, you have inspired me to go back and do part 1, even though I already did part 2! haha
Anyway, I love your site- I am new to the blogging world and just wanted to say hello & thanks for sharing your life with us bloggers!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Whoo-hoo! You joined in! I am so glad :)

I love your kitchen sink window view! It's green! I have forgotten what that color looks like...


Anonymous said...

Tarah, love your pics. Those little Gideon booties brought tears to my eyes. Your self-portrait is hilarious. I wanted to share a site with you that I've subscribed to that really helped me learn to be a better cook. They offer a service where they email you weekly menu with shopping list included. It really be a help to you. I love it.