Monday, July 7, 2008

Old School

Have any of you played tetherball? Oh it's so much fun. You must find a tetherball stand and play sometime. Prior to Friday I don't think that I have played since grade school. I used to play all the time back then and I was good. I was taller than most of my friends (they eventually caught up) and I have some pretty long arms that help in most any sport. Yeah I pretty much dominated the tetherball pole court.

Umm I'm pretty sure your not allowed to do that in tetherball.

I am an athlete and although I'm not at my top competitive level at this point in my life I can still very much hold my own in most sports. I'm very comfortable on a ball field. It really doesn't matter what type of ball field it is just give me a ball and tell me to shoot, spike, swing, kick or throw and I'll be able to do it decently. I'm not trying to brag I just want you to understand that I am confident when it comes to sports. But tetherball is a different story. It has to be one of the most awkward sports I've ever played. I'm constantly whiffing and when I do hit the ball it hardly goes anywhere. Never the less it is a very fun game to play, I had a BLAST! If you want to feel like the biggest dork ever while laughing your head off, grab a friend and go find yourself a tetherball court to play on.


Tarrah said...

You guys are too cute Tara. I havn't played that since junior high I think :) But it sounds like fun

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Tetherball ROCKS!

Oh yeah, everybody looks like a dork playing it but who cares when you're having that much fun?!


KT said...

Oh my goodness...I used to LOVE tetherball...I too used to beat all the boys in gradeschool cause I was taller. It was especially fun to beat my twin brother! Looks like you had fun!

bethany said...

Fun! :)

(Do you think Brett Favre really is going to come out of "retirement?")

Anonymous said...

Why dont you mention that I beat you.