Monday, June 22, 2009

My Girl

Is almost TWO!
smiles all the time
is a daddy's girl through & through
loves to read
is no longer nursing
loves milk (she asks for it by sniffing really big, it's weird but cute)
wants to eat all the time
will eat just about anything
doesn't like walking in grass barefoot
loves her "Tor tor" (Aunt Tori)
can talk in sentences
still baby talks to herself
loves to sing

Is a tomboy:
loves rocks,
jumping in puddles,
& catching bugs.
would rather be outside than in any day
is thrilled when she gets to ride the mower with daddy
is obsessed with boats since we went canoeing
loves adventure

Is a girly girl:
loves bows in her hair
purses on her arm
is thrilled when she gets to wear lip gloss
has a growing obsession with her shoes
adores picking & smelling flowers
loves dancing to music

Is excited about being a BIG sister
loves "tissing" (kissing) the baby
loves giving hugs & kisses to mommy & daddy
is a big helper around the house
is getting ready to be potty trained
never stops moving
hates having her feet held while getting her diaper change
new favorite game is ring around the rosy
giggles without thought
still sleeps with her blankie and puppy
has gorgeous blue eyes
blond hair that curls just a hint at the ends
Loves her thumb
& has the most adorable smile while sucking her thumb
is the sweetest thing you'll ever meet


Rachel said...

She sure is beautiful, Tarah :). Hope you and your family are enjoying summer and that Seth had a great Father's Day! :)

Dr Phil said...

Love that girl!

Hilary said...

Such a cutie :) Growing so fast too!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh....i miss my cute little thumbsucker!


Courtney @ splashing grace said...

she is so cute! love her little pigtails!