Friday, June 5, 2009

The Details - A Little More Background

Brietta asked if the blog clots were SCH or a Subchorionic Hematoma. And Yes, that was the medical term that the doctors used during my first 2 pregnancies. With my first pregnancy I also had partial placenta previa the combination was not good and they said my chances of miscarrying were very high. My doctor was shocked that I carried Gracie as long as I did. The SCH that I had when I was pregnant for Grace was huge, although at the time we were clueless and didn't realize how big the doctors eyes got when he saw the measurements of the SCH on the ultrasound until I got pregnant for Gideon and saw his reaction (there wasn't much of one) when he got the measurements for that SCH. I guess another hint that should have clued us in as to how big the clot was and how bad things really were was when every time I went to the doc, when I was pregnant for Grace, he told me that he couldn't believe I was still pregnant. I guess I was young, pregnant for the first time, and thrilled! Not that I dismissed all the problems I was having, but I guess in some ways I did, simply because there was nothing I could do and I didn't know any better. Once I got pregnant for Gideon and started having the same problems I realized how things worked, I knew a lot more of the medical terms, I got great at reading ultrasounds, I payed attention to measurements sizes, I wasn't afraid to ask questions and I remembered some of the things that happened when I was pregnant with Grace - it wasn't till then that I my eyes were open to how bad things really were when I was pregnant Grace and how, being pregnant for Gideon at that time, things were looking better than before but they were definitely not good.

The SCH that I had with Gideon was definitely on the bigger side of average but it was average, not huge. My doc did say, when I was pregnant for Gideon, that he hoped the SCH would dissolve by itself (I guess sometimes that actually happens) but it was unlikely because of how big it was. It obviously didn't and they are almost positive that the SCH is what caused me to go into premature labor and deliver Gideon so early.

If you missed the first part of the background details go check em out.

I think that pretty much sums up my first 2 pregnancies. I'll have to tell you about Gideon's life sometime (I mean the medical detail, miracles, everything) but that will take many more blogs some other time, for only 6 short weeks my little man sure had a big exciting life story. I hope this gives you more details as to why they want me on bed rest and why pregnancy for me is such a big thing. To me not hemorrhaging during pregnancy is a miracle. I pray I have many more miracles (well a few more we'll see about the many) like the one I'm taking part in now, a healthy pregnancy with not hemorrhaging!

Still to come Jericho's pregnancy don't worry it's nice, easy and not much to tell ye know the boring kind of pregnancy. The way I like em! And of course this baby. Now for only being 16 weeks I do have a pretty exciting story at least I think it's exciting. I would even call it a miracle! A complete answer to prayer!

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Cathy said...

My prayers are with you; I did not have the condition you had, but my daughter was born at 30 weeks gestation. She lived, but is left with many lasting effects of prematurity. She is our miracle. I don't know if you have ever had a chance to look at the March of Dimes Share website, but it is a great place for parents that have had premature babies, lost a child, etc. Best of luck to you.