Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Interesting Day So Far

Well it sure has been an interesting day. I'm a little nervous what the rest of the day holds as it's just past noon.

Jericho was up crying at 4:30am and would scream every time I tried to put her back in her crib. This is so not like her at all. On the very rare occasion that she gets up in the middle of the night (or early morning) she goes back to sleep very easily. I didn't get to bed till 1am (so not like me either) and I desperately needed a little more sleep. So, into bed with me she goes. I thought Jericho would fall back asleep but she had other plans. She tosses and turned and played. Finally at 6:30am I told her she was going back into her crib and she wasn't going to throw a fit. It actually worked...for about 20 minutes. I gave up and we started our day.

I had a chiropractor appointment this morning and right before we were about to leave Jericho busted her lip on the floor. She was a mess blood and tears everywhere and she didn't want me to look at it or touch it or anything. I finally got her calmed down and watching a movie so I could take a look. The bleeding had stopped and there was not much I could do besides clean her up and change my blood stained shirt. She ended up with a big ol fat bottom lip with a big ol cut on it and I was positive it would start bleeding at some point again today. It has, twice so far.

The chiropractor's office and few errands we ran afterwards was uneventful praise the Lord, besides the lip bleeding again, of course. But once we got home chaos continued. Because Jericho had been up since 4:30am I planned on giving her lunch and putting her down for a nap early. We home from the chiro and I started lunch. Grilled cheese sandwiches fruit and leftover veggies, nice and easy right. Right, unless you have to take your toddler to go poopy on the potty and forget about the sandwich that then burns on the stove. Thank goodness it was salvageable, I scraped the burn stuff off and lunch was ready. Jericho didn't even mind that much.

Since we hadn't been home much of the morning I told Jericho she could have 15 minutes to play before it was naptime. I need to get some cooking done so I start my prep for that so once I got Jericho down I could have at my cooking as quick as possible in hopes of getting a little nap myself (I need a little more than 3 1/2 hours of sleep to function.) Jericho is happily playing and just went potty about 20 minutes before so I figure I'm good till I tell her it's time for nap. So, I put a little butter in a pan to melt while I start measuring out stuff I'm going to cook/bake. Just about the time the butter is all melted and I'm ready to throw other things in the pan Jericho comes running to me saying she went potty in her panties. She hasn't had an accident in 5 days so I was a little surprised and thought maybe she just needed to go potty agian but sure enough she had already gone. Off to the bathroom we go to get cleaned up and head to bed. We are in her room getting ready for her nap and I notice it smells like something was starting to burn. I remember the grilled cheese that I burned for lunch and thought it was odd that I didn't smell it in when I was in the kitchen but I could smell it in Jericho's room. It was interesting but I didn't think much more of it till Jericho said she needed her puppy. As I'm heading out of her room to find the lost puppy I notice the hall is kind of smokey, as I head into the living room I notice the living room is very smokey and in the kitchen there seems to be a big black cloud hanging in the air. Remember that butter that I started to melt, yeah I forgot about too. I just hope it didn't ruin my new pan.

So as you can see it's been a very interesting day to say the least. And here I am blogging during Jericho's nap instead of cooking or sleeping or finishing my homework for cadre tonight. Oh well, I needed a minute to vent, now I can go survey the damage in the kitchen and figure where to go from there. Here's to hoping, praying, begging God for the day to get better.

Oh and just so you know Seth took the camera so I'll probably be picture-less till he gets back.


Anna said...

This might sound weird but do you guys have people praying specifically for you & Jericho while Seth is away? Whenever my dad would go on missions trips, it seemed like we had so many of these days & things that would rob our joy & rest while he was out ministering and making awesome conquests for the Lord. After a while, he & my mom felt that we needed a prayer team just for us while he was away, and things like that stopped happening! (Many prayers focus on the team away, but what about those at home??). Just a thought! We'll be praying for you the rest of this week!

Mrs. Stethoscope said...

I will join anna and begin praying you you guys this week. I hope the rest of the days look better for you

mommyoflove2 said...

I haven't commented in a really long time but I found your blog about a year ago. I'm "delurking" to say that I am praying for you. I was really excited for you when I read about the new baby girl joining your family. You have such a beautiful family. Whenever I peek at your blog, I pray for a strong and healthy baby and blessing on you, your hubby and Jericho. I hope your day is better tomorrow!