Thursday, February 4, 2010

February is Full!

Today we attended an in-service seminar at the church that is going to be taught by Stacy Cline. He taught a lot of the book he just wrote, Suffering Loss: Discovering the Blessing of Change, Growth, Healing & the Hope of a Beautiful Life. The seminar was very good and I can't wait to read the book.

Tomorrow we are having our first ever Chili Cook Off at Outbreak (name of our youth group) at our Superbowl Party! I can't wait, it's going to be fun. If you have teens and live in the area send them on over! The only thing that would make it better is if the Packers were in the Superbowl.

Mon-Wed 8-10 I will be in GA. Seth is in Jeanne Mayo's Cadre and they are doing a "ladies only breakaway" for the wives. So, early Monday morning Hav and I are heading to GA! What's cool about this is that Jeanne Mayo was my youth pastor. I look forward to it. Plus, I just found out that I WILL get to see my brother! He lives a few hours away from where I'll be staying and he's going to be able to come see us one night!

Wed 10 - I get home from GA and have volleyball.

Thursady 11-we don't have anything PTL! But we gotta get things ready for our families. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to do some grocery shopping along with some fun shopping (but I'm not telling ya what for yet, it's a surprise!)

Friday 12 - Seth's family gets here & we are going to spend the day in Buffalo. It sounds like we are going to see the beautiful Niagara Falls and check out the Aquarium (we might wait till Monday we'll see)

Saturday 13 - my family arrives along with Seth's "Fair God Mother." Once everyone gets here we will have our special Valentine's breakfast (Seth's mom makes everything red!) That night Seth is getting ordained! (I'm so proud of you babe!)

Sunday 14 - Haven is being dedicated. It's Valentines day! Not to mention our half anniversary. Happy 5 1/2 years to us! My family will head home after a nice lunch together. Oh and of course we have Outbreak Sunday night.

Monday 15- we will either hang out with Seth's family here or in Buffalo before they head home that night.

Tuesday 16 - Haven has a doctors appointment, my sweet girl has to get shots. That night we are having an all girls cadre Valentine's/Lia Sophia party at our place. The girls are bringing there mom's it's going to be fun! My sis is just getting into selling Lia Sophia so if ya wanna host a party let me know, I'll get ya in contact with her.

Wed 17 - Seth and I are having our Valentine's date night! Hooray for an Aunt that will be staying a little longer that will babysit :)

Thur 18 - NOTHING PTL! and NO, I can't do anything so please don't ask :)

Friday 19 - Casting Crowns concert!! I can't wait!

Saturday 20- Leader's Night Out at our place. (Happy Birthday to Colleen!)

Sunday 21 - Church in AM, welcome Luncheon after church & Outbreak in the PM as usual

Monday 22 - Hanging w/friends and having an early dinner then home for Cadre. Out of 8 girls in my cadre 6 of us have birthdays in 6 weeks (Jan 26-March 5) Now that's what I call cRaZy! So to celebrate we are having a birthday party for Everyone!

Tue 23 -
NOTHING PTL! Things are starting to slow down a little.

Wed 24 - Volleyball for me.

Thur 25 - Dinner & games at our place w/friends

After that life slows down.......for a week a WHOLE week......and then starts back up again, but more on that later.

So if ya don't here from me over the next few week you know why....

February is FULL!

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bethany said...

Sounds like a crazy month! Hope you enjoy every minute of it! :)

So nice to chat with you for a few minutes today. Someday when life isn't so busy for you we'll have to get the girls together to play and us to chat more. :)