Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tummy Time for Everyone - Not a "Wordless Wednesday"

I was going to post these pictures for a "Wordless Wednesday" but yesterday we had no power from 5am until around 8pm, but we didn't get home till 10pm (It was a long day!) Now that I'm writing this post is not longer wordless. Man, I'm really not very good at this "Wordless Wednesday" thing! So here are some pictures on a Thursday that I was going to post on Wednesday but I had no power. Enjoy!

I love this Picture! (Above)

I really wish this picture would have turned out, it would have been so cute : (


Dallise said...

She is growing so fast. Thanks for the new pictures, we miss her so much. Oh, we miss you guys too!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

These are great! I love tummy time - Eliza can't quite hold her head up in that position yet, but I always try because I am dying to take a picture of her on her tummy!

I love how Jericho and Seth have such an apparent bond - so sweet to see the love.