Thursday, September 2, 2010


So, it's been awhile...a long while. Here's a little bit about a lot that's been going on...

My baby girl turned 3 a week ago! I'm struggling with this one I can't believe she's 3. We decided to head to Chicago last minute so we ended up having a party at Seth's parents place and my family came too it was awesome! We were driving home on her actual birthday but she still got to chew her bubble gum on the roof! (More on that story later)

Just a few weeks before Jericho's birthday Seth and I celebrated our 6th anniversary! I'm so blessed to be married to such an incredible man of God! I don't know what I'd do without him.

Our house is once again on the market. We have had an offer on it and are waiting for details so we can make a decision. Please pray for us. The reason we are selling it: there is a big beautiful foreclosure house just down the road from us that we are looking into. It's the "BIG house" (as Jericho call it) that we've been driving by for the past 2 years. The one that every so often I'd convince Seth to stop by so we could peek in her windows, don't worry no one lives there, and dream about our family running around inside her spacious walls. I've falling in love with her, just as Seth did with the house we grace our presence with now. I've always thought we'd end up buying it one day and fixing her up real pretty. I just never thought it might be this soon. I'm excited and scared and have no idea what God is up to but I look forward to the ride!

Another reason that I've not been blogging is that we've been traveling...mostly to Chicago. Each year it varies on how much we get to see our families since both are in Chicago area but this year we've been blessed! Since May we've seen them 3 times, each one a blessing. I love our families and it's so nice when we get to see them more than usual. The only down side is that it take me a week to prepare for vacation, then we are gone a week, then a week to get back to normal, with how often we've been out there we've had very few "normal" weeks but it's been TOTALLY worth it! Oh and did I mention that somewhere in our 3 trips to Chicago in 9 weeks Seth went to Mexico for 10 days! Yeah this summer has been what I call "A Beautiful Mess"

Gideon, yeah it's almost that time of year again where my mind tends to wander towards him more often. But it's started earlier this year for a few reason. The first being my boy would be starting kindergarten (I just looked up the cut off date for NY - November 30 and his birthday is November 20) I had someone that I'd just meat ask me if I had any children (the girls weren't with me at the moment) I told her yes and then she asked how old they were she got my classic answer, "we have a 3 yr old and a 9 month old at home" I'm glad most people don't think about why I add the at home part. Then this sweet lady looked at me and said oh so you don't have any kids in school...I could feel the dagger go into my heart and the tears well up in my eyes. I'm glad she didn't notice my reaction. I know she didn't mean anything by it, this kind soul was just making small talk. I think God allows conversations like that to happen so that we can see that the grieving process is a lifetime and there's a lot to learn.

We are also in the process of picking out a headstone for Gideon. I don't want to go into details now (that's a post of it's own) but it's been harder than I thought it would be...

Haven is going to be 10 months old in less than a week! My baby is going to be in double digits, yeah it's just in months but man that went fast. I was reading brietta's post about her youngest who's a week older than Hav. The first line she said was,
"Claire is three quarters through her first year of life. I still find that I think of myself as having a new baby. I have a feeling nobody else does."

I know what she means! I still feel like Haven is a newborn that can't do much but then I look down and she is crawl after me as she calls for me then she pulls herself up on my pant leg when she reaches me and give me the biggest grin with those 6 adorable teeth and that one big dimple and I realize she is NOT a newborn!

So there you have it, me spewing about a little bit of what's on my mind.

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