Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Aware, Like Susie

Susie wrote this a few days ago and I think I can relate (the paragraphs before the pictures start, the part about her blog.) I looked over the last few post and I've realized that I haven't really written much. It's mostly pictures. The stuff I wrote before the the mostly picture blogs were about Gideon. It may seem that the mark of another year without Gideon has me (for lack of a better word, I'm going to use what Susie said) distraught. That is just not the case. (ok, so I don't have to keep repeating what Susie said if you haven't yet go over and read the first 3 paragraphs, you actually can read all of it, but I'm referring to the first 3 paragraphs before the pictures start.) So, I'm going to copy her (Susie hope you don't mind and Thanks!) and just catch you up on us.

I feel like we are bracing ours selves for the next two weeks. The next two weekends we have conferences at the church that go from Thursday night, all day Friday and all day sat with a guest speaker on Sunday night. It's going to be crazier than normal here for a few weeks. As I looked over the blog that I just linked you to, I noticed the dates were the same time last year. It looks in years to come I should just plan on the last few weeks in January being crazier than normal, it seems that for whatever reason those dates work out for conferences at the church.

On top of bracing ourselves for the next few weeks I feel like we are still catching out breath from Christmas and New Years. Not necessarily the whole undercoating, to much spending and eating to much you can't think straight kind of thing. No it's was something else. I have undecorated without much thought but then again there wasn't much to undecorated in the first place, but at least this year it wasn't because I was a Grinch. I mean we did have a tree, which provided us once again with another story (that I'll tell you some other time.) We didn't spend too much because there wasn't much to spend (both a blessing and a cures depending on how you look at it.) And I didn't eat to much because of a little bug that was visiting. That's right the not-so-sweet little stomach bug hit us (my whole family, everyone that came from out of state to visit) hard and I mean hard. Out of the 9 people that were staying in our house 8 of us threw up the one that didn't toss his cookies upward, well lets just say they went downward instead, he wasn't the only way that lost them that way either, unfortunately there were some that tossed their cookies both upward and downward. Yeah I know, not a pretty picture. We marked Christmas 2008 was the Christmas that we pucked (and pooed, as my brother put it) through. It's taken me awhile to get over that one. But boy do I have some stories I could tell you, but I won't, at least not here, now if ya ask me in person that's another story because some of the stories are just to funny. Gross, but funny. If you had 9 people pucking (and pooing) one right after another, in one bathroom, for a week straight, it'd take you a few weeks to get over it too.

Some of the things I've wanted to tell you the last few months I couldn't. They were DL type of things, that just couldn't be talked about, especially on a blog, especially the blog of one of the pastor's wives. Now that the cat is out of the bag on one of those things, I can tell you. Seth is going to be the new Youth Pastor at our church. This whole subject deserves a whole post in and of it's own (which will come) but for now I'll just say that I am so excited for Seth. He has done and amazing job with the children and I know he will do the same with the youth. They couldn't have picked a better man for the job (and that's a completely un-bias opinion, but I'm sure you knew that!) I am excited and privileged to be on this journey with him.

Tell me do you feel like you know what Jericho has been up? I don't feel as if I've done a good job of sharing all that she is learning or much of what we do during the day. The girl is such a doll and a smart one at that. Personally I don't think people give kids enough credit for how smart they truly are. I'm amazed at how much Jericho understands. Jericho is learning new words all the time, she loves animals and making their sounds, she is still using her sign language (have I told you we were doing that?), she is a little gangsta (I'll explain later), my little collector (again I'll explain later) and we are dealing daily with our least favorite thing, the discipline thing. Although discipline is our least favorite part about this new stage, it is definitely the most rewarding. I'm working on a few different blogs explaining what she's been up too, what she is learning and I might even do one on how (so far) we choose to discipline. So be looking for them in the near future, well in the next few weeks, remember the next 2 are a little crazier than normals so we'll see how much blogging gets done.

Thea & Jericho (in her new Packer pj's from Aunt Thea!)

I'm going to leave you with a prayer request. Thea, my older sister, is almost 8 months pregnant (31 weeks) and the doctor has just put her on mild bed rest. She is showing sign of early preeclampsia. Her doctor told that she has 1 week to get things in order and after that he does not want her returning to work. The mild bed rest pretty much means that he wants Thea to take it easy. She is a teacher and on her feet most of the day, in those circumstances it's hard to take it easy, so no more teaching. Although it is not life threatening as of yet, it could becomes so very quickly, please pray this does not happen. We are hoping and praying that this is all precautionary and that Thea makes it full term with no complications. Just so you can be more specific in your prayers they found out they are having a boy, but I'm not going to share his name (yet) because I forgot to get permission from my sister. I'm not sure if it's family privilege or public knowledge. You understand right! Please also pray that the Lord provides financially for them too. They were planning on Thea working the next 6+ weeks, which is no longer a possibility and this makes things a little tighter then they hoped. I know the Lord is going to provide for all their needs both physical and financial. I'll keep you updated.

(Thea, sorry you are in your pj's in the pic too. Because we were all so sick at Christmas we didn't take many pictures. Most of the ones we did take we are in our pj's, and looking sick. It stinks when you only get together a few times a year but then again I guess they really do portray how Christmas 2008 really was!)

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